Its June 1st…which means its officially summer

Summer sun is upon us & as a young woman, I so love basking in the warmth beside a pool with a drink in my hand. As I’m bearing my pale skin for the first time in months, theres one thing we must all keep in mind………sunscreen! Cases of melanoma have decreased over the last decade, but that doesn’t mean its disappeared. Yes, tan skin seems to have a natural glow and it does indeed provide contouring of our curves. And lets face it, having a nice base tan provides us with protection from getting severely burned every time were outside! But that doesn’t mean our skin has to be naked when were getting our tan. My favorite new brand of products that incorporates SPF into everyday use products? Meet COOLA. I received their makeup setting spray in my summer FabFitFun box and its honestly a god-send. I use aloe as a moisturizer, which obviously doesn’t incorporate SPF, so spraying this after my daily routine is an easy way to stay protected!! They have an entire line of products that use SPF, so check them out and stay protected this summer! ☀️

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